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Game Tester And Its Importance

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Game tester is a tag which has become a must for gaming enthusiasts. What better combination one can have that having his hobby as his profession? A game tester can least develop boredom in his job profile considering different types and multitudes of games entering the commercial gaming industry.

The gaming industry has come a long way since 80s when it used to have basic video game models and small programs being developed by software developers. The games developed were stale and without any aesthetic ambiance. But, with the development of new technological inventions, the gaming industry evolved itself into the production of next generation of video games. The need of a video game tester was strongly felt by game developing companies. The professionals worked in tandem with the software developers and programmers and were responsible for checking software mistakes, called bugs, from the program functionality.

In earlier days, you could work from home as game tester, and thus can combine your pastime into some pocket money generating activity. But with more complex gaming programs being developed and companies coming up with various game testing opportunities, a new platform has been thrown open for the gaming testers. The companies bring into use various intricate games testing software’s and also give prior training to these professionals for proper execution of their job responsibilities.

The pay of a professional tester is directly proportional to the level of experience he has; besides, the technologies he is capable to work across.  Companies employ testers at various levels of software development life cycle as it is cumbersome task to have one tester find bugs in the entire set of a video game. There are a lot of dangers involved in doing so, as a video game tester can skip a bug and thus it would boomerang into company launching its final product in the market. Any miss in ignoring the bug will eventually jeopardize the launch of finished brand and goodwill to the extent of loosing their valuable customers. Thus the role of gaming testers takes equal footage with that of other professionals in the game development company.

Apart from having zeal to play video games for hours, the person should also have a sense of aesthetic appeal. Now days these professionals are often asked to give life to practical scenarios through application of modern animation and graphics. If by any chance a game tester is of programming background, such an experience comes handy for the software developer as both of them can work in tandem and can bring into life an ultra modern and user friendly video game.

Game testing is a relatively new profile for young professionals and is here to stay, also the role of the video game tester would eventually grow with the passage of time, with more demand of complex video games on the rise, and the gaming industry would be giving more opportunities for gaming zealots. They would be able to turn their inclination towards game testing and thereby turn their once favorite past time into a professional opportunity.


Written by beagametester02

September 24, 2010 at 5:41 am

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