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Game testers are people who have passion for video games and has become one of the sought after profession. By combining your skills with your interest, these testers earn their bread and butter and hence are less fatigued. Becoming video game tester isn’t all that cumbersome job! No professional degrees are required and all you need is an understanding of certain graphics and combined with your passion for video games, you can see yourself to be a through gaming professional.

Technically, game testers job requires reporting of software glitches called bugs to the programmers who are in the process of writing codes for these complex programs. These testers are required to do rigorous testing for every level of the video game in order to remove all the bugs. As an industry practice they are made to play games for repeated number of times in order to come up with errors. With more and more complex video games coming in the market, game testers responsibility has increased many fold, they are incorporated in to the software development life cycle in very initial stages.

They may be asked to present a gaming scenario from a user’s point of view; and help the software developers to come up with new ideas for development of the game. Thus a complete end to end role has been earmarked for a gaming wizard who wants to take up the challenge of a game tester.

Initially, a game tester was responsible for catching and reporting buys in the complex programs, but now these professional are also entrusted to give their key inputs in developing and analyzing the game environment from user’s point of view. No wonders, the job entails sitting for long hours and going through rigorous tests so as to make a game bug free.


Written by beagametester02

July 10, 2010 at 4:42 am

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